A large Rock Dream

At Big Red Crane Company

We have a the ability to move any item our customer requests.

I was contacted in September 2014 by a homeowner who wished to move a 45 ton boulder from the upper part of his property to the front entryway of his new

home. The boulder was apx. 500 feet north of the house and had an elevation

change of apx. 65'. I was requested to make this job happen ASAP,  in 7 days.  

We had it done in 6 days!

During this 6 day period, I contacted a few good men to assist me with the task at hand. I had the access road re-cut and leveled (apx. 75 yards of based imported to the site), courtesy of Giles Construction. I had a crew of skilled ironworkers (Bragg Company)  show up and build a skid out of 2 ea. x 8' x 16' x 1.5" thick steel plate. The ironworkers assisted loading the boulder on the skid and

securing it safely to the steel skid for the move.   I requested 3 large bulldozers from Schwan Excavating to be onsite the 2 days it took to load and move the rock. We had a great crew of men and an owner who allowed me to "Take Charge".

The 45-ton boulder was in its final resting spot 1 day ahead of schedule.

It was truly a Team Effort!